Friday, 19 August 2016

My Side View of Bogor

It’s going lately to post my writing about city that I have been living for study.  It has been 2 weeks ago since I came firstly in Bogor. Honestly this city was giving me a lot of surprise.
I thought Bogor doesn’t have traffic jam like Jakarta but I was wrong, it was not like in my mind, everyday I see many traffic jam in many areas and specific time. Futhermore the public transportation or we known as “ Angkot” in here so crowd and seem like not manageable. Angkot can stop in anywhere area.
Obviously, the Govt have many home worked to figure out the City’s Problem. As a we know Bogor has biodiversity campus known as Bogor Algicultural University (IPB), The Place where I’m studying. Every year many new visitor will visit this city. Absolutely, the number of people will rise quickly. Surely no one who want to look bogor like Jakarta.
“City of Rain” the other name of Bogor explained that rain in bogor happens frequently. When I was arriving in this city Rains have falled like cat and dog. Yeah it was like welcoming party from this city.  Rain Coat which the important stuff u must buy firstly in here due to Rain comes unpredcictable. The weather in this city is cool and quite humadity. It may because the city has surrounded by there mountains I.E  Mount Salak, Mount Gede, and Mount Pangrango.

To Be continued

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